The Organizational Capacity Assessment Tool

The Organizational Capacity Assessment

The Organizational Capacity Assessment Tool (OCAT) is a free online tool that helps non profits assess their operational capacity and identify strengths and areas for improvement. The tool is free of charge.

Helpful Logistics: My oh my, what technology has to offer…

In our work facilitating the efforts of organizations and individuals in pursuit of their purpose, we have come across dozens of free or low cost tools on the internet that can help folks work together, collaborate and get the work done. Here are just a few to get you started. If you have found any useful tools, please share so we can grow everyone’s tool box!

Evernote is an online notebook that lets you save and share images, web clips, video and drawings with the companion Skitch. What we love about evernote is that you can upload pictures of flip chart notes from meetings and then search the handwritten text in the images later. It can read even the chicken scratch handwriting of some of our penmanship challenged friends! Their mobile app is easy to use and so handy, a must have for any meeting-going, smart phone user.

Skype offers free basic video calling and video conference calling and screen sharing for a small fee. If you need to collaborate over long distances, the face to face interaction of a video call cant be beat. Skype also has a mobile app that connects you with your colleagues anywhere you can get mobile reception.

For traditional conference calling, offers free domestic and international conference calling services for up to 96 callers. They also offer free call recording if you’d like to archive conference call meetings for reference at a later date. Too cool!

Scriblink is an online whiteboard that allows you to doodle and draw in a digital whiteboard environment, invite other users to collaborate and view the whiteboard and save, publish and share the results. We haven’t had a chance to dive into all of the functionality, but it looks like a terrific tool.

trying out a resource

I came across this website that helps people collaborate on projects online.

Jason and I are going to test it out on a project we’re working on. It might prove to be a really helpful tool for our work and for yours. I love playing with new toys!!

We’ll keep you posted on how well we are able to knock this project out in a timely fashion, with cool heads and a quality product at the end. Are we aiming too high? naaaahhhh.